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The Fizzin Fam sure works darn hard, but we like to get together and have some online fun too!

Even though we work from various places across South Africa, we still feel connected.

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Fizzin Fam Founders

Dominique Binns Co-founder of Fizzin Dig

Dominique Binns


Managing Director 

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Hi there!


I'm obsessed with typology (Personality Psychology - I'm an ENTJ and Enneagram 8w9 BTW) and the 19th Century. 

When I'm not doing a million things, I'm planning a million things more with a cat by my feet.

I am a self-taught graphic and web designer with a passion for small business and changing the world in between Uni classes.

Gary Bannatyne Co-founder of Fizzin Digi

Gary Bannatyne


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Fizzin Fam Agents



I'm a seasoned serial entrepreneur and a bit of a neat freak. 


Fizzin is exactly what we want to achieve in this life - creating businesses that add value and play by their own rules. 


If we can successfully solve our own small business problems, I know we will be solving them for thousands of others. 


Proud to be apart of this leadership team.  

Quinton Mollentze Agent at Fizzin Digita

Quinton Mollentze

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Hi, I'm Quintessential Quinton

When I'm not busy cooking up italian food, gardening or mountain biking through the farmlands, I am busy working on my next digital or social media masterpiece!

Accredited Marketing Practitioner of South Africa, schooled in business, branding and marketing, both traditional and digital as well as a strong focus on helping businesses thrive.

I love everything to do with planning, strategy, and making awesome campaigns happen. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

Innocentia Ranyoao Agent at Fizzin Digit

Innocentia Ranyaoa

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Hi there! 


One thing about me is that love writing and that's pretty much all I do. In my degree, in my free time, whenever I can actually.


And when I'm not writing, I'm reading, mostly non-fiction and blogs too because I love how other people think and the words they use to express themselves. 


I am also a die-hard Batman fanatic and I absolutely love watching cartoons, anime and anything fantasy and sci-fi (so far, my sister is the only person who accepts that side of me).

Kalan Billington Agent Fizzin Digital Ma

Kalan Billington

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I would describe myself as ambitious, creative and full of energy.

I also love everything nature and could spend every second of my day outside if it was possible!


Being a busy-body, I am constantly keeping myself occupied by learning new skills and trying new things.


My #1 favorite thing about Fizzin is definitely the freedom of creativity as well as the endless amount of learnings and opportunities.