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Bella & Ree Handcrafted Healing

This biz was started during lockdown in 2020 .  They are a home based business

( 2 man team) developing and selling healing products specifically formulated to promote Wellness. 


They have two very popular oils, one for Calming and the other for Balance. 

Their oils use only the purest of carefully selected essential oils which are lovingly blended in grapeseed oil.  Safe for the whole family to use.

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Retro Fashions - Economic Schoolwear

Retro Fashions is very focused on Top class School clothing.


They use the best Quality fabrics and ensure a good garment.


They aspire to deliver best Customer service and value for money because small things, make a big difference!

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21 Booysens Road, Booysens

Johannesburg, Gauteng

South Africa. 

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