Working From Home

Working from home is something that has become a norm since COVID-19 hit and going into the office every day and strictly sticking to that 9-5 is somewhat a thing of the past.

Now sure working from home isn’t always the amazing thing that it’s made out to be - you have the kids with you, your neighbor's dog is constantly barking, you miss your team and you never leave your computer alone.

But, we don’t want to be debbie-downers, and we’re here to remind you of the benefits of working from home, and why you’re oh so lucky.

No travel costs

You sure do save a lot on that 2-minute commute from your bed to your desk. You don’t have any travel time, you don’t have to sit in traffic and you can sleep in longer. Sure sounds like a win to us.

Comfy clothes all day

Sweatpants and slippers at the bottom, and a full face of makeup and a fancy shirt on top? Sounds like a good WFH (Work From Home) day to us. You don’t have to worry about getting dolled up on the days that you don’t feel like it and a bonus would be not having to change at all if you have no meetings.

You have more time

By not travelling into work, travelling home and taking your designated one hour lunch break you actually save a lot of time. In that free time you can go for a walk, go do the errands you would normally do after work, go to the gym or even work on your side hustle. You have a lot of free time that you can do so much more with.

You have your furry friends with you

Yes, you read that correctly. You can do your work, have more time for yourself, wear sweatpants and have your trusty sidekick right there beside you. We love our pets here at Fizzin, and we can’t imagine working without them.

You don’t have to work at home

Just because you technically are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. Fancy working from a coffee shop? You do that! There is nothing stopping you as long as you have your computer.

No office distractions

You don’t have to feel bad saying that your co-workers are a bit too much sometimes and all you want to do is work. Well, WFH life allows you to get done what you need to get done with no disruptions.

Here at Fizzin we are 100% remote and we love it! We create all our awesome fizzy designs, websites and logos and manage our clients' socials from wherever we are and we still have an amazing sense of team spirit. We love working from home, and hope that we have convinced you that it isn’t too bad either.