Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Life today, the way we live, the way we interact with people and brands, and the way that we consume information has completely changed. In this ever changing world, and especially in the world of marketing, you need to keep up to date on what is working and what is not working.

First let’s break down the two terms. What is traditional marketing? Traditional marketing refers to companies or brands using newspapers, magazines, direct mail or any form of physical medium to reach audiences. What is digital marketing? Digital marketing has the same motive of reaching an audience, but in an online world. There are no physical products used. An easy way to remember it is traditional marketing is offline and digital marketing is online.

What’s the biggest difference?

The biggest difference is the medium that is used to reach audiences. Like we said - traditional marketing is offline and digital marketing is online. When using digital marketing brands will make use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. When using traditional marketing brands will opt for sending letters via post, advertising in a magazine or a newspaper and handing out flyers.

Which one is most effective?

Almost everyone, and everything, is online today. In our opinion we would say digital marketing is most effective only because of the amount of people that you would be able to reach in a short space of time without minimal effort.

Which one is cheaper?

Again, we’re going to say digital marketing. We say this because making use of social media platforms is free and the only costs that you would have would be either making use of an agency to post on your behalf or running paid ads. Running paid ads could be expensive, but still cheaper than printing material and distributing it.

Is traditional marketing still used?

Although digital marketing is the way to go and to be noticed easier, traditional marketing is not dead and not used. Traditional marketing is still very much used and beneficial. There are still many people who read the newspaper, buy magazines or collect flyers for various things that they need.

Why are people opting for digital marketing?

More and more brands are opting for digital marketing because it is a cost-effective way of reaching a lot of people that you know would be interested in your business. When making use of digital marketing you are able to target your brand directly to your audience as an easy way of conducting research because of the insights and analytics that are readily available.

When marketing your business you need to identify who your target market is, where they spend most of their time, how much capital you have and how many people you would be able to reach. Even though more people are opting for the digital route, your audience could be found through the traditional route. It’s all about researching and finding out what is best for you.