The Fizzin Fam's Take on the LATEST Digital Trends...

Times are a-changin', especially in the digital sphere, and more especially within social media platforms.

Who doesn’t miss those simple days of MXit, BBM, and Myspace? Oh, what a simple time it was. But, as sad as it may have been to watch those platforms grow musty with dust, those platforms could have more-cleverly leveraged current trends to stay relevant...

So, how do you as a business owner avoid making similar mistakes in the future? Let us school you on what we’ve learned so far.

We didn’t want to preach to the choir without actually practicing what we preach, so we asked a few of our agents for their insight into what digital trends they’ve seen in their specialty and how we incorporate that into our company.

Let’s check out what juicy nuggets they have for us!

CJ - Awesome All-round Fizzin Agent:

“The latest digital trend that I’ve most employed is working with podcasts and vodcasts, more specifically the vodcasts where OBS is the main vehicle that is driving the vodcasts.

YouTube is also a big part of my life, but unfortunately, I am not using it with my work at Fizzin as yet.

Canva, which is the design portal that we utilise, has been a large part of my life for the last 3 years. It’s been a good learning chapter in my life regarding design, and how things work, and what you can do. Basically, everything is endless. There are a plethora of opportunities to use Canva, whether it be in your day-to-day communications, birthday cards, logos, all of these wonderful things you can use with Canva.

I’m also a filmmaker, and I’ve definitely come from a perspective of using video quite often, so TikTok is one of those platforms that I can definitely subscribe to. I definitely get behind getting into the TikTok videos. It’s a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work. People still aren’t aware that making those little videos does take quite some time, but it’s usually good when they’re well thought out and well-edited.

I use editing software a lot, most especially when it comes to building content for my vodcasts, and I usually stick with Apple products when it comes to specific software that I use. Currently, I’m utilising iMovie for smaller projects and then Final Cut Pro for the bigger projects. So, for me, vodcasts and TikTok videos are definitely a visual medium that meets the audio. That’s what attracts me, and these are the digital trends that I have found to be most effective, especially in 2021.”

Kalan - Amazing Fizzin Account Manager (AKA the Fizzin Fam's Mom):

“In my opinion, I think the current trends going around in social media are TikTok videos and Instagram reels. So, anything video-related is definitely a trend at the moment. People just like to watch other people doing weird things, I guess 😉.

And the other one, I think - and this has been a trend for a while across all social media - is anything to do with the environment, and saving the environment. This has been a trend for a while now, which is quite nice.

We’ve also started giving our clients a few video posts a week, just to implement the current video trends into our systems. We’ve been trying to incorporate more animations and sorts, just make their posts more movement-orientated. Once again, this is only for a few of our clients.

For the web development part, people really seem to be liking more sophisticated and professional-looking websites. I’ve also noticed that a couple of our clients enjoy the simplicity of a website, so not too many clicks, not too much going on, just simple straight-to-the-point content, flow, and movement. That seems to be a trend with a few of our clients at the moment.

Another thing that I’ve noticed with regards to social media, is a lot of neutral tones, a lot of monotone colours, nudes, natural, earthy colours. These have been quite on-trend as well. As I said, that goes hand-in-hand with the whole environmental look. Our generation seems to be very involved with ‘Saving the Earth’ and it’s reflecting quite a bit on a few social media posts.

Another trend that’s not really a trend, but it’s sort of becoming a trend, is that a lot of social media pages like to jump onto current news, for example, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign or the ‘Women Empowerment’ movement. A lot of social media pages have been posting content about that. Informative content about current news that directly affects our generation also seems to be quite a trend at the moment.”

Kundai - Graphic-wiz:

“I have two trends that I’ll be talking about, the first one covers the sector of inclusivity, as well as meaning and purpose. So, what I mean by that is, generally, in the world of marketing, you realise that there is what we call ‘exclusivity’, and exclusivity has been a trend for years and years, especially in the luxury industry.

People really like the words ‘exclusive to’ or ‘limited to’, but now on the social media side or on the digital side of marketing, inclusivity is the one that’s actually gained more momentum.

What I mean by inclusivity or meaning of purpose, is that more and more people are looking for content that brings them in or that touches a lot more on the socio-cultural aspects of the world. For example, people are looking for content that includes women. People are looking for content that includes all races, that includes all cultures, all beliefs, and pretty much all backgrounds.

Obviously, it’s not going to be all the time that everything is going to include everyone, but ideally, it’s all about trying to create content with a meaning and a purpose. Why are we publishing this content? Why are we introducing or releasing this video? What’s the purpose? Who are we speaking to? Actively trying to include and engage with the audience, that’s a trend that I’ve seen.

Another one is video content. Video content has been a trend for probably the last 3 - 4 years. People have been encouraging each other to post video content for quite some time, but now the trend has been shifted slightly.

Yes, video content stays relevant and stays the most popular and looked-after content, but now people are looking for short, precise content. This is why platforms like TikTok have gone viral, Instagram stories are going viral, and reels have taken over. It’s because the world is now moving towards short-form video content.

Yes, people still make time to watch the 15-minute, 20-minute, and 30 minute+ vlogs but the majority of people who are scrolling through social media are looking for short forms of video. At the very most, if you’re gonna do anything IGTV-related, at least try and cover it within a space of less than 3-minutes.

People are no longer going on social media to consume content, people are now going on social media to consume relevant content. The content they see as having a purpose for and meaning to them, and if a video is 3-minutes+ on a social media platform, it’s not going to be consumed fully, unless people are truly engaged in it.”

Lucia - Fastest-learnin' gal in the West:

“We all love our normal image posts, graphic design posts, you know the graphics that we design. But because of the rise of TikTok, video posts have become a lot more of the ‘in-thing’.

With the rise of video marketing, especially with Instagram now as well, all platforms are kind of moving towards that type of look and feel. So, Instagram also came out the other day saying they’re no longer a photo-sharing app (This is big news - you need to Google it!) and we know that this is because of them trying to stay on trend and trying to stay in competition with their biggest competitor, which is TikTok, and trying to keep up with the rise of video marketing in general.

But this video marketing isn’t like you’re trying to market certain videos or certain products to people. It’s more like you’re trying to add a personal touch to your content so that people don’t feel like they’re being marketed to, and that is a key aspect in all of it.

That is the one major trend in digital marketing, and businesses should try focusing more on making shorter clips because the longer clips are becoming somewhat obsolete. People’s attention spans can’t handle watching a 15-minute video anymore.”

Lulama - Resident Shutterbug:

“I’m gonna take you through three digital trends that I’ve been seeing and practicing as a photographer. I’ll start with showing unedited beauty. So, this involves showing raw, authentic pictures without putting any filters on them, and this mostly works with portraits because, in most portraits, there’s a lot of editing to be done just to find the right shade of filter to use, or finding the right background and so on.

Showing the unedited version of the portrait translates into showing the rawness of the human face in all its natural aspects. It involves showing the flaws of the face without really enhancing or changing anything. That’s one digital trend that’s being used a lot these days and I mostly see this in adverts and print media.

The other one is age diversity. This is where you’d get an extremely older person to take a picture with a younger person, so I’d say maybe an 80-year-old grandmother would take a picture with a 4-year-old boy and they would be standing right next to each other. This trend showcases the beauty of human growth, then compares and contrasts the two together, which is beautiful in its natural form.

The last one is minimalism. This trend comes and goes, but it never dies out. It just gets reformed and reinvented with a couple of new ideas here and there. Minimalism basically entails a subject becoming the main focus of the shot and having very little going on around it. So, you could have a subject against a blank wall, and you’d see that there’s not much going on around the photo, it’s just the subject, and the background.

What makes this trend interesting is the different colours that photographers play with. For example, you could have a subject maybe standing behind a very brightly coloured wall that would then stand out in the shot, and then you’d maybe have the subject sitting or squatting, just doing very little in the shot. The idea behind the minimalism trend creates beautiful imagery because of the composition and how you arrange your subject in front of the lens. These are the trends that continue to make for really good imagery.”

Stacy - All-round showstopper:

“What’s really great in design at the moment is that people are going into a more symbolism theme. It’s more authentic, especially in logo design where you’re getting designs with icons that aren't really minimalistic anymore, but they’ve really gone into detail about being authentic in what they’re doing and how they’re feeling, so that’s really cool to see in this sphere.

A trend I personally like is in UI and UX, which is called glass morphism. That’s basically the layering and blurring of different colours, and it creates really stunning visuals.

I would say another trend is pretty much in social media, where people are constantly trying to make their content shorter. So, we’re looking at things like reels and stories, and trying to put as much impact and as much information as possible into those 5 - 7 second videos. That’s a really cool trend, in that you can literally gain so much information from watching a really short video.

Something that I’m not really into because I’m more of a clean, minimalistic designer, is themes of psychedelia, and you can mainly see that on posters at the moment. It’s like a surreal, cubism kind of theme, where I’m assuming that if you were on hallucinogens, this is what the world would look like.

So, it’s a lot of abstract shapes, bright and vivid colours, and although it’s not really my cup of tea, it is definitely trending at the moment. And yah, these are the aspects of design that I think are trending for 2021 going into 2022.”

This is why we call them agent extraordinaires, they were spitting! ;) And if you have any more knowledge bombs for us, please feel free to hit us up, ping us, add us on Myspace, take our Mxit ID, whatever, whenever, we’re there!

We hope that our know-how on the latest digital marketing trends has certainly been an eye-opener on the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing marketing trends on our digital platforms. The goal is to stay as relevant as these Covid-19 vaccine memes and to stay ahead of the game, you need to always be thinking on your feet!

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