Outsourcing Your Marketing...What, How, When and Why: Your guide to it all

We all get to that point in our business where the internal talent is spread a little too thin and our teams are struggling to meet their deadlines and keeping up with client demands. Sometimes the workplace is a warzone and you’ll need to be able to know when to call in reinforcements that aren’t on payroll...

We know, we know! As entrepreneurs it is completely normal to not want to fully admit, even to yourself, that maybe you’re just a tiny bit in over your head. Even though it’s probably going to take us this entire article to convince you that you should sit down with your team and finally discuss the dreaded term, “outsourcing”, we’re going to give it a go 😉

Honestly, this part of the process can feel a bit like the worst parts of a horror movie. When trying to explain outsourcing your marketing to your teammates, someone is bound to feel like they’re losing their job, or part of it, especially if you don’t even know how to explain outsourcing right!

But outsourcing marketing tasks to a third party can lighten a ton of the operational pressures you and your team might be facing.

Even if someone may feel a little glum about not having the informal task of creating a Facebook post or two on Word in between payroll and legal tasks…you can rest easy knowing your marketing is actually getting paid the attention it deserves.

Let’s have a look at how you can go about outsourcing your marketing needs. We also want to chat about keeping marketing in-house, for all you anti-outsourcers out there. There are three routes you can take:

  1. Outsource your marketing in full

  2. Keep all your marketing efforts in-house

  3. Use a combination of outsourced and in-house marketing

Choosing how to market your business is tricky to navigate because it honestly depends on where you are right now, and because marketing is an area of your business that you could easily end up “breaking the bank” on, you need to be honest about what you need, what you can afford right now, and obviously what your current talent can or can’t do.

We can’t tell you what and where to outsource, because unfortunately, we don’t know you like that. But what we can do is dive into the advantages of outsourcing individual marketing components, and we’ll let you decide which marketing strategy might be best suited for your brand.

Okay, let’s get into it!

Outsourcing Content Marketing

This basically includes any authoritative and informative content that can do wonders for your bottom line. It’s the hard stuff like blog writing and graphic design for posts, or web design and web development. You will honestly need writers and creators who are fully immersed in and understand the complexities of your business. They should be able to serve up relevant, engaging content for your target audience.

Outsourcing this aspect of your marketing doesn’t work for every business because this will be the heart and soul of your brand and who knows the heart and soul of your brand better than your teammates?

If you want to outsource your content marketing efforts, you can choose to go with an agency or freelancer but if you feel that your internal team has a better grasp of the nuances of your business, there are several marketing tools and platforms available to make the content creation process simpler.

For instance,your team could look into learning how to use WordPress and its deeply functional dashboard or the Adobe Suite, which brings vlogging, social media, and website material together under one powerful software solution.

Buuuut...these tools have one heck of a learning curve involved, which is why outsourcing this more nitty-gritty stuff can be a great idea.

All we’re saying is, you’ve got options!

Outsourcing Marketing Strategies

This part is the holy grail to your business’ success, and it includes a lot of specifics, such as developing buyer personas, mapping campaigns, and identifying growing trends in the market.

You can outsource this service if you don’t necessarily have a business background or a business-minded philosophy, even though you do have an awesome business plan. But you also need to be a heavy contributor in this process because outsourcing your marketing strategy to a specialist means you're recruiting the help of someone whose job it is to be well-informed of industry innovations and new, creative methods of marketing delivery.

Which is great and all, but they can’t really give you that personal touch that every business needs to have, you know? You can help them do a heck of a lot better with this if you’re providing info and ideas relevant to your biz and industry.

People need to resonate with who you are before even knowing what you’re about and for this reason, you need to really consider your needs, your goals, your brand, and your intended audience when outsourcing this service. No one knows, or should know, what you do and why you do it more than you...own that and take responsibility for it!

Outsourcing Marketing Analytics

This is the yay or nay of any business because it’s not exciting…We would definitely recommend outsourcing this service because of the sad reality that many businesses just don't have the in-house expertise to extract nuggets of insight that can turn marketing efforts into gold.

Also, analytics and data capturing can be REALLY expensive and time-consuming when you try to do it in-house. Instead of spreading your resources thin or incurring unnecessary costs, you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients and drawing on the insights unearthed by your marketing intelligence agency.

We 10/10 recommendation to outsource this bad boy!

Outsourcing Email Marketing

As a business, there’s always that innate stress of deciding if you’d either risk cluttering a client’s inbox or risk being forgotten by them altogether? This is a basic principle of email marketing: finding a healthy balance between the two.

A successful email marketing strategy can make automation and personalisation your secret weapons, and you’re able to use tools like hands-off, lead-nurturing workflows that can fire off emails automatically based on a user's action — such as when a user clicks on a social media advertisement or plays a video.

We’re just hyping you up to tell you that yes, we do recommend outsourcing this service! Outsourcing the creation and setup of these workflows takes soooo much of the manual, administrative labour off your shoulders and places it into the hands of other people.

You are more than welcome to create an in-house email marketing service, however, you will need a certain level of knowledge and infrastructure in place to facilitate the timed delivery of these emails, as well as an internal strategic and content team to develop them.

Outsourcing Social Media Strategies

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your social media strategies, and we’re honestly not just saying that cause we’re Fizzin! Social media is one of the most direct opportunities for your business to connect and engage with prospects and customers, but ONLY if you do it right.

If you keep social media in-house, you can hire full-time social media strategists who communicate with prospects via social media and then relay that information back to you so that you guys can then discuss more personalised, targeted brand messages moving forward.

However, if you are a smaller company with a limited budget, a full-time social media manager might be too much for you, and outsourcing this service allows you the freedom to delegate certain social media tasks to someone else and have them worry about what’s currently popping on the socials.

You don’t HAVE TO outsource this service, but...life will be a lot simpler 😉

Everything in life needs a steady balance and a happy medium can be found by using a mix of agency and in-house resources, alongside powerful marketing tools.

With an experienced third-party agency (AKA Fizzin - just throwing a little promo in there) guiding you every step of the way, you won’t ever have to worry about whether you’re doing too much or not enough because ultimately, the goal is to maximise the success of your business and you don’t have to do it alone.

The golden rule of running a business is: do what you can, and when you can’t do something, delegate it! 😉