Holiday Sales

The festive season is a wonderful time of the year. People are in joyful and wonderful moods. As we get nearer and nearer to Christmas, people are going to begin shopping for presents, and now more than ever people are wanting to support small, local businesses. This is something you, a business owner, can use to your advantage.

“How do I boost my sales around the holiday period?” Let us answer that question for you.

Offer discounts

Offer your customers a discount that they simply cannot say no to. We’re not saying that you need to cut a huge chunk of your profit away, because you still need to make money, however we suggest offering a 10% discount on selected items. You need to make sure that you are in a position to offer any type of discounts and that whatever you do offer is worth your while.

Offer a bulk deal

Why buy one chocolate when there’s a possibility of saving R10 when buying three? This marketing ploy works on most people for pretty much all products and services. We say most because there are some people that will second guess if they actually need three chocolates when they just wanted one, but majority of people see any type of “save money here” sign and easily give in.

Buy one, get one free

If you’ve done the math and offering a discount or selling your products or services in bulk just doesn’t add up for you - why not try a buy one, get one free deal? This could come in pretty handy if you have a product business and you have an immense amount of stock left over that you need to get rid of. Ensure that whatever price you sell the one for covers your cost price of both and there’s a bit of profit included as well. Just because customers are getting it for “free” doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be covering your costs.

Include a gift card

Majority of people give gift cards with gifts, so why not include that into what you’re selling. This means that by your customer buying from you, they won’t have to go to another place to purchase a gift card. So you’re essentially saving them time and money? Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Make it personal

We know that not every business owner cannot afford to include extra costs of a gift card or to offer any sort of discounts and there’s nothing wrong with that. To ensure that you bump up those sales without losing out on any profit, make what you are selling personal. A personalized handwritten note to put in your packaging or a nicely worded email wishing your customer a happy Christmas goes a long way.

Be active

Make sure that you are staying active on social media by posting consistently and that people are constantly seeing your products or services because the more people see it, they might just be inclined to buy especially if they’ve been eyeing your business all year.

We know it can be a bit daunting around this period to be a business owner and at times it can also be stressful, but do what you can and we can guarantee that those sales will be heading your way.