Finance 101

Are you dreaming of starting that business? We have one question for you - what is holding you back? Yourself, friends, family, your 9-5 or finances?

Firstly, nothing should hold you back because if you can dream it, you can do it. Secondly, if it is finances that are stopping you, we get it. Not everyone has a safety net, not everyone has thousands, or millions, to put into a business, not everyone has extra money to spend after taking care of the necessities in their lives and not everyone can just simply afford to.

But there is always a way and we want you to take that leap of faith. Many people have started successful businesses with little to no capital and so can you.

Now we know you are wondering, “where can I find funding or what can I do to minimise costs?” We searched high and low, and picked our brains to find out what options are available for you.

Personal savings

Save, save and save some more. Create a detailed budget with your necessities and luxuries. Be honest about where your money is currently going and cut back on the luxuries. Think about it this way - 3 takeaway coffees a week is around R90. That’s around R360 a month, and around R4 320 a year. You could do so much more with R4 320 a year than drink coffee.

Find a partner or partners

It can be tough going into business alone, not just financially but also mentally and emotionally. Find a partner that has the same interests and values that you do, and split the finances in a way that works for both you and for them.

Friends and family

Looking for people to invest in your business? Before looking externally at investors or loans, look inwards at your network. There could be a perfect investor, or business partner that you know personally. Besides you also don’t know who is jumping to support you on your next venture.

Angel investors

No one in your network that you feel is just right to work with? That’s okay because there could be an angel investor that is perfect for you. Angels are people that invest in businesses that already exist, or in start-ups. They have the capital, but also business experience that you can benefit from. They are not going to invest in just anything that you present so be sure to have a thorough business plan. Have your elevator pitch and facts memorized.


What is crowdfunding? It is where entrepreneurs offer investment opportunities and people can invest small amounts into the business.

Money from the bank

Depending on your business, its needs and the amount of capital that you need you may want to look at finance from the bank. Many banks are likely to invest in small to medium companies with a low risk profile.


Does your business require certain equipment or machinery that is more on the pricey side? Purchasing those certain items could be extremely costly and just an extra expense in the beginning. A way to save capital would be to lease it instead of purchasing straight away.


If your business relies on other businesses for stock or supplies, then you may want to work out a deal with your suppliers. Negotiate a bulk offer, a discount or an exchange that benefits both you, and the supplier.

There are many other ways to get capital for your business so do not limit yourself to these few points. Remember that there is no good time, or right time, to start a business. Everything is available for you - you just have to go out and get it. We believe in you, and we cannot wait to see that idea of yours flourish.