Email Marketing

A term we are very sure you have hard come up a lot in conversations lately and is something people are talking a lot more about. This peaks questions like - “What is it exactly?” and “Do I need it?”

Email marketing is described as a marketing channel that uses emails to promote a business’s products and/or services. It can be directly promoting the products and/or services, or it could indirectly be promoting them.

Do you need it? It is not a must and you don’t need it, but does it help? Yes, yes it sure does. Here is why.

Increase your reach

If you are using a tool such as Mailchimp, you are reaching a lot of people at once and what’s better is that you are doing that for free. Depending on the type of business that you have, you can reach people overseas that you would normally pay to reach through paid advertisements for example.

It drives leads

Emails are a great way to sell your product and/or service through a soft sell or a hard sell. You could tell people exactly what your business is about, what is new and what they can gain from you or you could give a general business update with a link to your website at the bottom for them to visit if they wish. It is a great way to get people to visit your social pages or website.

People sign up for it

An email newsletter is something that people voluntarily sign up for which means they want to hear from, and about, your lovely business. We know that a lot of people sign up because they want something that you were giving away for free and might not open up the emails they receive after that, but statistics show that the majority of people do. It is also a great indicator of what type of emails your audience is more likely to engage with and what grabs their attention.

It is going nowhere

Email marketing is going nowhere anytime soon and will not just vanish into thin air - it is here to stay for a while. The world is moving more and more towards digital, and people need to get information somehow.

Email marketing is effective, but it also depends on your business. If you have an online digital marketing business, like Fizzin, it is useful to reach potential international clients. If you have a photography business where you are based solely in South Africa, an email list with an audience in America will not be useful. You need to decide what you are using your email list for, who you will be targeting, what you want your audience to gain from it, and what you want to gain from it.