Content Creation Overwhelm

As if being an entrepreneur wasn’t tough already, you now have to constantly think about fresh ideas and ways to keep an audience engaged. You need to inspire, educate, promote, be relatable, and oh-so-many more things.

Creating content seems like SUCH an easy task, but wow, it really is not. Let’s admit it together on 3 shall we - 1…. 2… 3…. IT. IS. OVERWHELMING. That constant need to be active, to be posting on social media, to have new ideas, to build a community and to just have a successful online business is not easy in any way, shape or form.

Today, we’re giving you some tips to relieve some of your stress because we know it ain’t good for you or for your lovely business.

Think differently

The first thing that we want you to know is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, your content needs to be attractive to your audience, but if you’re constantly chasing perfection you’re going to hit the end of the road every single time.

Set aside time

Block out a few hours or even a day where creating content is your only focus. Have a set time every week or month where it is the only thing that you focus on. This way you can make sure that everything that you need is covered and that it isn’t a half job because if you’re rushing to get something out, it’s going to be the best you can do.

Create a content calendar

Go into that specific day or time slot that you set aside for yourself with a plan. Know what you are creating, what you need for it and have all your information ready. This will make sure that you get the job done easily and stress free.

Reuse content

Did you maybe have a photoshoot that you got multiple pictures from? Do you have dozens of templates that you can put information into? Reuse those and tweak it a bit to save yourself time. You don’t always need something brand new.

Get someone else to do it

We know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone help them out on social platforms, but if you are one of the lucky ones - then relieve yourself from the stress. Excuse us for a minute while we do a humble brag, but do you know that we offer pretty awesome social media management at affordable prices? Click here for more information

We know exactly how you are feeling because sometimes we feel it too, but we just have to take a step back, organise our time, outsource if and where we can and just breathe. We know that you can do it - we believe in YOU!