A Year Of Fizzin

Did you know that Fizzin was born in February 2021? That means that this month we are celebrating our very first birthday and saying that just makes us so happy! A year of Fizzin - this is definitely a proud moment.

If you have just stumbled across us, or you just love a good story, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and tell you why Fizzin started, what we’ve achieved and little things that have happened along the way.

Our story

Our co-founder, Dominique Binns, has had a love for business since a very young age and was always thinking of new ideas and businesses to open up, but realised that with those amazing ideas, some (actually a lot) of capital is required. As a young entrepreneur she never had that capital and decided that she would teach herself because what she cannot afford. Then bloomed the idea for Fizzin, an affordable digital marketing agency that is exactly what she needed as a small business owner. Dom then crossed paths with Gary Bannatyne, a serial entrepreneur and our other amazing co-founder, and the rest is history.

What have we done?

A year is a long time and a lot has happened in just 365 days. In the past year we have had many meetings, a lot of webinars, some pretty down days, a lot of amazing days, a few disappointments, a lot of good moments, laughs, cries, new clients, new hires and so much more. We’ve grown our team, our client base, we’ve pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones, tried new things, learned a lot and grown as people.

We may have also done a bit of marketing and design somewhere in between that we think is pretty awesome ;) Take a look here.

Our culture

Our clients are so important to us, but so is our team. We don’t mean to brag, but the culture at Fizzin is amazing! We are a small team, but we support one another, laugh together, learn from each other and just work really well together. We meet every Friday to either learn a new skill or just to relax and wind down. We have six values here at Fizzin that sum us up pretty well: Personal Development and Growth, Freedom and Safety of Expression, Good Vibes and Good People, Open Communication, Being the best you that you can be and Integrity.

We are so thankful for all our amazing clients, the people that have supported us and the ones that trust us to bring their ideas to life. Like we said, a lot has happened in just one year and we are so excited to see what is coming in the future. All we have to say is keep an eye on us because one day you’re going to say “I knew them when…”