A Pet Is The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success

Having a pet as an entrepreneur - yay or nay?

Would you believe us if we say that having a pet is the secret to entrepreneurial success? If you said yes, yay! If you said no - allow us to convince you otherwise. There’s plenty of reasons why having a pet is a good thing. They keep us company, they support us, they make the bad days better and just simply make our lives better. Now those are just a few reasons, but we know there’s more.

Having a pet as an entrepreneur is just 5x better, and here’s why.

They force you to take breaks

Taking breaks? As an entrepreneur? Never! Taking a break is as important as working and definitely something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle doing, especially in the beginning. Having a pet forces you to focus your time elsewhere even if it is just for five minutes. Depending on what pet you have, you are going to have to take a break somewhere. Your pet is going to need food, water, a walk or just company. They force busy entrepreneurs to step back for a second and spend their time away from their oh so demanding schedule. Trust us when we say those few minutes will do you more good than harm.

They give you unconditional love

A pet teaches you so much, but especially how to love unconditionally and there is no doubt that it is returned. Having that love and that bond with a pet improves mental, physical and emotional health and that has an impact on you, your life and ultimately your business. If you aren’t doing well, the things around you and especially your business will take strain. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone, or multiple someones, alongside them to support them and this is where having that buddy comes into play. On the days that you need that extra love, they will definitely be there to give you that and more.

They keep you active

Do you have a dog? If yes, your dog is going to be keeping you pretty active. You’re going to be going for walks, for runs or maybe even for hikes. This goes hand in hand with pets forcing you to take breaks because entrepreneurs also need time off. If you don’t have a dog, we don’t doubt that whatever pet you have needs attention and will keep you active in some way, shape or form.

They will help you combat loneliness

Entrepreneurship is sometimes a tough journey, and like we said not everyone is lucky enough to have support around them, but we can guarantee that you'll never feel too lonely when you have your companion with you. Pets have a great way of raising our spirits when we’re down and reducing those horrible feelings. No matter what you are going through you know that they are there and they are never leaving.

With all this being said - pets are amazing, but we can’t ignore that it is tough having one (or two or three), but the benefits sure outweigh the “bad” things. Here at Fizzin, we’re all for having a pet because we know that they just make our days better and brighter. We love the company, the laughs, the support and the love. We sure hope that we have convinced you that having a pet as an entrepreneur is the best thing out there, and if you do not have one - go get one!