We're so excited that you applied for the role of agent!

The next round of our recruitment process involves insuring that you have the following skills:

1) Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator (i.e. you can create a logo in Ai)

2) Familiarity with Canva (i.e. you can create brochures, company profiles and social media posts in Canva) 

3) Familiarity with Wix and/or Wordpress 

If you are not comfortable with all of these platforms, please do not apply at this time :) 

You do not necessarily have to be an expert with these platforms, but do require basic skills within these platforms.

If you do check all three of these requirements, please email us with:

- Examples of work you have completed in Adobe, Canva and on Wix or Wordpress

- 2 to 3 References and their contact details 

Please direct any questions to ;)